First Rave-to-Earn app

Socialize, earn & party all over the world

Choose event on the map in your city

Download application and choose any event you like in your city area go there and earn Everave tokens.

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Complete tasks and earn rewards!

Open event's card and check what tasks are available! For each completed task you will receive rewards.

Exchange tokens and rewards with Everave

You can spend your tokens and rewards on products and services partnered with Everave! At the later stage you can swap Everave's tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

How to get started

It takes only six steps to start earning with Everave, read more about it in whitepaper.


Enter invitation code

This code enables you to create account and start on earning by visiting Everave events.


Purchase a costume

Costume enables you to earn ERVE tokens, choose what costume will help you to earn more.


Choose event

Now you are ready to start! Go to the Everave's map and choose any event in your area!


Start to earn ERVE

Activate geolocation & start to earn! Check your hourly rate with the costume you have!


Track your earnings!

Open the event card! Track how much tokens and rewards you get with tasks completion!


Exchange tokens for offers!

Navigate to the offer section! Choose how you want to spend your tokens purchase items from partners!

Our roadmap

This is how we will change the world and create fun everywhere!

Stage 1
  • Web-design
  • App UIUX
  • Team Formation
Stage 2
  • Whitepaper release
  • NFT collection plan
  • Ambassador Launch
Stage 3
  • Mobile Client Release
  • Fashion Brands
  • Initial NFT Offering
Stage 4
  • Token IDO
  • Events collaborations
  • World App Launch
Stage 5
  • Events Scaling
  • Staking Release
  • New Ambassadors
Stage 6
  • Virtual Events Launch
  • NFT Sale
  • Partner Events

Want to become Ambassador?


We all come from different backgrounds, some of us were launching dapps, GameFi projects, eCommerce and F2P games but we gathered together to change the world.

Interested in joining our company?

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